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Written and Directed by
Tony Cohen

Nick McPherson – Stefan Schuette

Fighter – Brad Kula
Fighter –  Micah Phillips

Director of Photography

Christopher Langan

Assistant Camera
Ricky Comuniello

Albert Kolbea
Atom Pate

Fight Coordination – Cinematic Fight Studio
Adam Lee
Yang Lip
Ricky Barksdale

Graphics Animator
Ryan O’Hare

Exec. Producer
Jorja Hudson

Production Assistants
Nate Smith
Alex Buono

Fight Song
Battle of Kings by Machinima Sound

NOTE: Fight scenes can be filmed dumb with cheapie tricks like elbows, elbows, elbows, but good fight scenes are difficult and need real fight coordinators.  Otherwise, it’s really bad and not a good bad. Big thank you to Cinematic Fight Studio!