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A trailer about bears.

Written and Produced by
John St. Denis & Zeke Smith

Directed and Edited by
Tony Cohen

Assistant Director and Associate Producer
Alex Buono

Director of Photography
Christopher Langan

Assistant Camera
Danny Tsang

Production Assistant
Sean Perrotta


Morgan Phillips

Tall Cub
Michael Hartney

Small Cub
Zeke Smith

Steven Bastias
Jeremy Bent
Alex Buono
Jeremy Chao
Marshall Finch
Hael Fisher
Will Larson
Sean Perrotta
Adam Rios
Jonathan Roche
John St. Denis
Zak Sommerfield
Kevin Still
Sefa Ugenc
Patrick Williams

Chris Langan
Ryan Ramirez
Matthew Rubano
Jason Sweeten

VO by Victorio Cole

No bears were harmed in the making of this video.